MOGreens Wellness, founded in 2019 by George Nolen and Michelle Sanchez, is a community-focused consultation company in Missouri centered around cannabis education and outreach. Our mission is to foster a sense of community between patients, caregivers, and businesses. Our approach is to empower people to take ownership of their health and wellness and support businesses in providing safe medicine. To that end, we organize educational events all over the state and offer testing, training, on-site facility consultations, recruiting and staffing, and genetic consultations. The namesake and core focus of MOGreens Wellness have been George's dream for many years, but the scope of the organization continues to evolve with community needs.

George Nolen


George is a Missouri native who moved to Oregon in 2016 to gain legal cultivation experience in the United States’ most competitive market. He has been the cultivation director for both medicinal and recreation facilities and his flower products were ranked best in Oregon by Leafly in 2018 (Best Flower Products: Boring Weed Co). George is a very active and passionate member of the cannabis community in Missouri and is excited to bring his knowledge and expertise back home to ensure patients have access to reliable, safe medicine.

Michelle Sanchez


Michelle is a neuroscientist by training and an analytical biochemist by trade. Her innate interest in how drugs affect the brain initially inspired her to work in the pharmaceutical industry. Disheartened by the corporate dogma and motivated by her passion for holistic medicine, she recently left big pharma and now focuses on helping people understand the medicinal properties of cannabis. Michelle is Healer Certified to answer medicinal cannabis questions and help individuals make informed decisions about cannabis medicine.